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The Church as the Broken People of God

Les Henson


As the people of God, the church is at its best a godly and integral community for believers, serving three essential purposes crucial to its mission. Firstly, it provides a vibrant and spiritual community for worship. As believers engage in various spiritual practices such as prayer, praise, and preaching, they connect with God in a transformative and life-affirming way. The atmosphere of the church is designed to cultivate devotion and grace, encouraging worshippers to deepen their understanding of faith and experience a heightened sense of gratitude. Through these practices, believers can experience the Spirit of God as a source of strength, comfort, and inspiration in difficult times.


Secondly, the church is a welcoming fellowship of believers who build meaningful relationships with one another. It is a supportive and encouraging community that fosters a deep sense of belonging, where individuals can share in each other's joys and sorrows. The church provides a context for believers to connect with others who share similar values and beliefs, forming strong bonds of friendship and spiritual kinship. It is a safe and inclusive community where individuals can be themselves, feel accepted, and grow in their faith.


Lastly, the church promotes the values of service, love, and mission, acting as the hands and feet of Jesus. By engaging in acts of service and mission, believers can make a tangible difference in the world, demonstrating and communicating Christ's love to those in need. The church provides opportunities for believers to serve their communities, such as volunteering at local charities, food banks, or homeless shelters. By doing so, believers can embody the teachings of Jesus and be a positive force for good in the world.


Thus, the church provides believers with spiritual nourishment, community, and purpose. It is a community where they can connect with God, build meaningful relationships, and serve others in the name of Christ. By engaging in worship, fellowship, service, and mission, believers can deepen their faith, grow spiritually, and significantly impact the world. The church is a vital and transformative part of the lives of many believers, providing them with hope, comfort, and a sense of purpose in a world that can often feel chaotic and uncertain. Unfortunately, even though the church strives to meet the ideals expected of the people of God, it often falls short. However, this is not always because they lack effort but because the church comprises broken, sinful, yet forgiven individuals determined to serve God despite their many shortcomings.

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