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Before the Cross

Les Henson

As we stand before the cross, we are struck by the immense significance and importance of this symbol of ultimate sacrifice, love, and redemption.

The cross is where we see the fullness of God's divine nature displayed in all its glory. It embodies His justice, love, wisdom, and power, each attribute brilliantly portrayed, making it difficult to discern which is more luminous.

The justice of God is evident in His condemnation of sin. Through the cross, we recognise and acknowledge the depth of our sinfulness and the righteousness of God. Our sinfulness separated us from God, but through the cross, we see God's justice fulfilled as He punished sin on our behalf.

However, the cross is also where we fully see God's love. In it, we witness the greatest act of love ever displayed in history, where God's love for us was so great that He willingly punished our sins upon Himself. He did not want us to suffer the eternal consequences of our sins. Instead, He chose to take the punishment upon Himself so that we might be reconciled to Him.

God's wisdom is excellently displayed in His ability to combine justice and mercy into one act of redemption. The cross is where we see the intersection of God's justice and love, where His justice is satisfied, and His love is poured out through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Furthermore, the power of God is demonstrated through the cross. It is so mighty that it can save even the most wayward sinner. The cross is where we see the power of God as Jesus defeats sin and death through His resurrection. Through the cross, we have access to the power of God that transforms lives and brings hope.

Regardless of which attribute we choose to focus on, the cross remains a powerful demonstration of God's multifaceted nature. It is a reminder that the same God who created the universe is the same God who bore our sins on the cross. Furthermore, this truth reassures us that God is the ultimate reality behind all we see, hear, touch, and experience.

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