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The Vulnerability of Being Fully Human

Jesus was the most fully human person who ever lived. Being fully human entails the embodiment of a vulnerability that may invite shame, suffering and even death. Most people living in the Western world are afraid to disclose their true selves for fear of the shame that it will bring upon them. Instead of openness, they choose to live a divided life. On the one hand, they create an ideal self for public consumption, and on the other hand, they live with the reality of their real self, which is private and personal. The ideal self is a mask they wear whenever they step out of their comfort zone and into the public sphere. They would never dare to reveal their true self in public because they are afraid of being rejected, humiliated and ashamed. It is the result of living in a narcissistic, sinless society. A society focused on self that has no awareness or perception of sin. In reality, most people in such a society have no word or category to describe what the Bible refers to as sin. If they have any conception of sin, it is a hangover from the distant past, which they have long rejected.

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