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Patterning Our Lives on Jesus

Les Henson

Jesus Christ is our ultimate authority regarding knowledge and guidance, representing the only way to comprehend and connect with God. To understand and appreciate Jesus' teachings, we must thoroughly examine his life story, character, and wisdom.


The Gospel accounts depict Jesus as the quintessential manifestation of God's love and wisdom, serving as the world's saviour. Through his words, actions, and miracles, we can better understand the divine nature and its applicability to humankind. Jesus' teachings are practical and applicable, providing guidance on how to live life with compassion, justice, and humility.


Jesus' interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds exemplify the intricacies of human relationships and how we can live meaninfully with others. He highlighted the importance of treating all individuals with respect, irrespective of their social standing or background. Through his teachings, we learn the significance of forgiveness, empathy, and kindness and how they can transform our lives and those of others.


Love is the core of Jesus' teachings and his life. His selfless and unconditional love for all people illustrates love's power and the importance of putting others before oneself. Following his example, we can learn to love others as he loved us, thus creating a more compassionate world. His example of forgiveness, a crucial aspect of love that can heal even the deepest wounds, is worth emulating.


Jesus' life provides insight into the reality of grief and suffering and their importance in the human experience. By observing Jesus' pain and suffering while he gave himself for us on the cross, we can learn what it means to take up our cross. His willingness to suffer for others exemplifies how love and sacrifice are intimately connected, motivating us to lead sacrificial lives. His life further illustrates that hope remains even in the darkest moments, and it can help us overcome the most challenging circumstances.


We can become part of his story by surrendering our lives to Jesus and adhering to his teachings. We can find purpose, meaning, and fulfilment by immersing ourselves in his narrative and following his example. Jesus' teachings provide a pattern for living a fulfilling and meaningful life grounded in love, compassion, and selflessness. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to keep his life and teachings close to our hearts as we strive to emulate him and become more like him in our daily walk.


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