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The Scriptures in the Life of the Community of Faith

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

It is crucial that we recognise that the Christian community is reliant upon the Scriptures both for its own life and for its engagement with the world. If we become over-dependent upon the language of dogmatics and philosophic theology, then we will fail to engage both the Christian community and the world out there beyond the church. The only way to develop a comprehensive view of Christian faith and communicate it is to build on a robust biblical theology through a meaningful explanation of the scriptural text. The reliable and practical nature of the Bible does not mean that we can reduce it so that everything is immediately comprehensible and self-evident. The Bible never supplies us with ready-made answers to any of our questions. Because 'faith' is dynamic, instead of static; thus, we are continually faced with God who is absolute in his claim and calling on our lives, and the world in which we dwell in all its fallenness. The detailed answer to any of our problem will always be paradoxical, yet thoroughly realistic, and yet it is charged with the expectancy of faith, and the definite conviction of things unseen, yet already given.

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