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The Way Forward for New Believers


For those not raised within the confines of the church, coming to Christ can be pretty traumatic. Indeed, there is a measure of uncertainty as to what the future holds. What are the consequences of their newfound faith? What does it mean concerning how they are to live? Does it have implications for their social life, family life and work-life, and if so, how are they, as new believers, to work through these implications? All this can be not very clear for the new Christian.

Indeed, there is much excitement and joy in coming to faith. But there is also uncertainty regarding the outcomes and implication of our newfound faith. Nonetheless, one thing should be made clear to the new believer – Christ is the way, not only in coming to faith but also in moving forward in their faith. And that way always starts from where they are.

For most, the way forward will be slow and steady, yet the change process may be pretty dramatic and relatively fast for a few. The speed at which transformation takes place is not the point. What is essential is that reassessment and change occur within the ongoing process of discipleship. Discipleship must start where they are and lead them deeper into Christ. They have to be encouraged and taught to rely on Christ and to understand that there are no circumstances in life in which they can't consider what is the mind of Christ and conform their thoughts and conduct to it. That is the essence of discipleship.

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