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Don’t Settle for Less than God Intended

Les Henson


Often, we settle for less than God intended us to be. As human beings, we were created for God and meant for spirituality, joy, justice, relationships, and beauty. However, we often need to work on living up to these realities.


Rather than embracing spirituality, we become overly introspective, focusing only on our thoughts and feelings. Instead of experiencing true joy, we settle for fleeting pleasures, neglecting the deeper sources of fulfilment. Similarly, in our pursuit of justice, we often seek revenge and retribution rather than working towards a fair and equitable society.


Regarding relationships, we frequently prioritise our desires over those of God and others, leading to a breakdown in communion, community and connection. Finally, despite the beauty that surrounds us, we often fail to appreciate its intricacy and richness, settling for mere sentimentality.


Despite these shortcomings, God offers us hope for a new beginning. As Christians, we are called to leave behind the brokenness of the present world and embrace a new reality. This new world fully recognises justice, beauty, relationships, and joy. As such, we must work towards this new world in their daily lives by living out our faith and extending compassion and grace to those around us.


We continually need reminding that, as human beings, we are capable of more than we often realise. By embracing spirituality, joy, justice, relationships, and beauty, we can fulfil our true potential and create a better world for ourselves and others.

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