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From Domestication to Wildness

Les Henson

Why do we have the tendency to want to domesticate God and continually remake God in our own image and initiate God into our middle-class lifestyle? In many ways, this is rather stupid because we are incredibly small and insignificant in comparison to God who is the sovereign Lord of all creation. Yet, we continually seek to make God fit into our plans and our perspective on life. Maybe, we need to sit back and rethink our understanding and perspective, and simply accept that God cannot be domesticated or tamed. I love C. S. Lewis image of Aslan and the fact that Aslan is not a tame lion. Rather is dangerous and wild. So, instead of desiring to domesticate God we need to re-envisage God as the One who is unsafe, dangerous, and wild. Then, we will begin to have a more realistic perspective of God. For while, God is love, God’s love is a dangerous love that cannot be tamed, and which demands everything from us. Yet, God in loving us desires the best for us and enables us to become what we were created to be that is fully human and recreated in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. Yet, becoming what we are created to be we should retain a dangerous, untamed, wild streak that is at the heart of our being as we adventure with God and participate in God’s mission in and for the world.

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