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Dusty Old Books (Poem)

Les Henson

Dusty old books lie asleep on the shelf

waiting and waiting to be picked up and read.

Resting silently, they wait to take yet another

unsuspecting person on an adventure of a life time.

An adventure that can move in many directions

depending upon which book you choose.

It may take you into outer space

or even to the far reaches of your inner self.

You may travel back into ancient history

or learn the fundamentals of basket weaving.

You can explore the depths of philosophy

or the detailed biology of a dung beetle.

Your explorations might teach you advanced calculus

or initiate you into the customs of New Guinea tribespeople.

Your journey could take you into the Christological debates

or a consideration of Einstein's theory of relativity.

You might venture into romantic poetry

or discover the secrets of silent meditation.

You could investigate the methods of Sherlock Holmes

or dig into the writings of Martin Luther.

Taking an old dusty book of the off the shelf

is a risky business you just never know

where it will take you.

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