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Church, Mission and the Reconciling Work of God

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The church participates in God’s mission of reconciling people to God, to themselves, to each other and the world. It is God’s mission not ours for God is the missionary God. It was he alone who sent his Son and sends his Spirit into the world to fulfil his missionary purposes. They are global in scale and concerned with the restoration of all things in this broken and fragmented world, the establishment of peace where war and turmoil reign, the renewal of creation where it is defaced and distorted, and the coming of the Kingdom of God, as well as the redemption of a sinful and fallen humanity, and the building of the church. So, mission is Trinitarian and theocentric in nature rather than anthropocentric in its orientation. So, mission is delineated, supervised, empowered, and fulfilled by God. Thus, everything the church does in mission must be related to and in harmony with the missionary work of God himself.

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