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Engaging Meaningfully with the Cultures and Subcultures Within Our Society

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

As the people of God called to engage the world that we live-in with the gospel of Jesus Christ we must be deeply committed to the culture or subculture we inhabit, particularly in a multicultural society. This means respect and critique both for culture and of it, desiring that it might become a vehicle for God's glory. In our proclamation, teaching, training, and instruction we must carry it out in ways that best fit the context using the cultural styles most fitting and appropriate for each culture and subculture we engage. As worldview varies in different cultures and subcultures, it makes sense to assume that the gospel and theology will look different in each culture into which the Christian faith takes root. The gospel must engage the culture, or subculture at its point of need yet move beyond that need to the deeper issues of life. Theology must draw on the themes and motif at the heart of each culture or subculture. It must discover the question that long to be answered and respond meaningfully. Thus, our missionary self-understanding must lead to a renewed understanding of our relationship to culture and we must learn afresh to confront the idols of the reigning worldview in each and every culture to subculture in our society.

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