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Multicultural Friendships

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Western cities around the globe are increasingly multicultural in character, resulting in a cultural richness in many areas of life. With multiculturalism come many countless opportunities for friendship with people from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. Yet a good many Christian people consider this to be a threat rather than an opportunity. God, however, calls us to welcome the alien and stranger in our midst. Rather than being afraid we must befriend them, love them, care for them, defend them and speak out for them. Then the barrier between them and us will disappear and in a sense, we will become them and they us not in a blending but rather in the sense of oneness that comes from understanding and respecting our differences, while recognising the sameness that comes from our common humanity. My experience tells me that the more multicultural friendships we develop the richer our lives will become.

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