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Words Alone Are Not Enough

Les Henson

Too often, we think we have presented or communicated the gospel when we have presented information on how to become a Christian or information about Jesus. Yet, the gospel is not information about becoming a Christian or information about a person, but rather the person of Jesus Christ himself, who is the good news of the kingdom of God. We are not called to simply proclaim a message, but rather to introduce people to a living, vital relationship with Jesus Christ. The way to present a message is entirely different from the way one gets to know a person. Words are important but never enough in getting to know a person. In many ways, the messenger is as important as the message. The messenger is the message. Unless people see the gospel lived out in flesh and blood and unless they see Jesus both in us, and the faith community to which we belong, the message is empty and meaningless regardless of how eloquent our words may be. Therefore, if the gospel is to be made manifest, I would suggest that it must be portrayed in word, deed, life, relationship, and community.

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