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Where is Your God?

Les Henson

As a Christian, one of the most profound losses we experience is when we cannot sense the presence of God. In Psalm 42: 1-3, the Psalmist paints a vivid picture of our yearning and emptiness when we cannot feel God's presence. We long for God, but His absence leaves a gaping hole within us that cannot be filled by anything else. We feel lost and alone, like wandering in a desert without an oasis.

When others ask us questions like "Where is your God?" or "Why isn't God helping you?", it only deepens our despair and hopelessness. We question our faith and wonder if we have done something wrong to cause God to turn away. We may feel like giving up and abandoning our faith altogether.

As we face more losses and struggles, God can seem even further away from us. We become trapped in an unending cycle of longing that goes unanswered, causing the emptiness within us to intensify. We feel like drowning in a sea of despair, and no one can hear our cries for help. We long for some sign of hope or comfort, but all we hear is the deafening silence of God's absence.

In such times, we may wonder where the joy and comfort we once found in God have gone. We may question if God is silently watching from a distance, unmoved by our suffering. We may feel our prayers are brushed aside, and God has abandoned us to our fate.

However, we must remember that God is always with us, even if we cannot feel His presence. We must hold on to our faith and continue to seek Him, even when we feel like giving up. We must trust in God's plan for our lives, even if it is unclear. We can find comfort in knowing God understands our pain and suffering and is always close to the broken hearted. We can take solace in knowing that our faith will be rewarded, even if we cannot see it yet.

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