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We Walk in the Light

We walk in the light of this bountiful day in the great strength of the most high God of gods, in the favor of Christ, in the light of the Holy Spirit, in faith of the patriarchs, in the service of the prophets, in the peace of the apostles, in the joy of angels, in the splendor of the saints, in the work of the faithful, in the strength of the righteous, in the witness of the martyrs, in the chastity of the virgins, in the wisdom of God, in the patience of many, in the denial of the flesh, in the control of the tongue, in the abundance of peace, in the praise of the Trinity, in the sharpness of senses, in continuing good works, in step with the Spirit, in the words of God, in many blessings.

In this is the way of all who labor for Christ, who led the saints into joy forever after their deaths, that they might listen to the voices of the angels, praising God and saying: “Holy, holy, holy.”

The Book of Cerne (9th century)

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