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Walking with Jesus in the Midst of Life

Les Henson

We are called to walk with Jesus in the midst of life instead of extracting ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is vitally important that we recognise this for too many Christian people choose to live in the Christian ghetto removed from the temptations and the difficulties that are part of living in the world but not of the world. They seem to think that the way to be a faithful follower of Jesus is to surround themselves with Christian people and to send their children to Christian schools and colleges, etc. They avoid going to those places and getting involved in those events where their Christian faith will be challenged or placed under any kind of threat. Yet, Jesus went out into the world, he ate with tax collectors and sinners, he was accused of being a drunkard and winebibber, and he touched lepers delivered demoniacs. Jesus was deeply engaged with the world and the needs of the world. If we do anything other than what Jesus did, how can we seriously call ourselves faithful followers of Jesus? To continue to live comfortably in the ghetto by refusing to get our hands dirty is not the way or Jesus nor the way of the cross.

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