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Those Were the Days My Friend (Poem)

Les Henson

What happened to our dreams those many long years ago?

When hair was long, and trousers flared.

The Animals had to ‘get out of this place,’

as they headed for ‘the house of the rising sun’.

The Kinks cried out, ‘you really got me’,

so please, ‘set me free little girl’.

Jagger exclaimed, ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’,

recognising ‘you can’t always get what you want’.

The Beatles longed for ‘yesterday’,

because it had been ‘a hard days night’.

The Byrds insisted that ‘one hundred years from now’

you’d better remember that ‘everybody’s been burned’.

Dylan wailed, ‘the times they are a changin’,

so I’ve got myself the ‘subterranean homesick blues’.

Jone Baez said, ‘farewell Angelina’,

as she called out, ‘love is just a four letter word’.

Creedence screamed, ‘have you ever seen the rain',

while ‘lookin out my back door’.

Marley lamented, ‘I shot the sheriff’,

so ‘turn your lights down low’.

Carol said, ‘I feel the earth move’,

as she cried, ‘will you still love me tomorrow’.

Bowie sang of ‘Major Tom to space control’,

while enjoying ‘life on Mars?’

Hendrix jammed ‘all along the watchtower’,

as he thought of his ‘voodoo child’.

The Walking Dead called for someone ‘to lead me home',

for ‘tomorrow is a long time’.

Joni got into a ‘big yellow taxi’,

wanting to ‘come in from the cold’.

The Beach Boys dreamed of ‘California girls’,

as they went surfing ‘all summer long’.

And Mary sang, ‘those were the days my friend

I thought they’d never end.’

But they did, and for many, the dream faded

and the lights went out.

Yet, for others, the dream burns bright as they grow old,

waiting for the time when time will be no more.

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