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The Worship Dilemma

Les Henson

Many Christians people come to worship God in the wrong spirit and fail to give God the honour and respect that he demands. To approach God flippantly and without the dignity he requires is beneath the gravity of the Most High God who created the heavens and the earth. With a loss of a sense of the majesty of God comes a loss of awe and consciousness of the divine Presence. With the constant need to be entertained and to engage in lively self-orientated worship many of God’s people are in danger of losing their spirit of worship and our ability to turn inwardly to meet God in adoring silence.

Sally Morgenthaler is a former worship director seeks to unify worship and evangelism but sees major obstacles in the contemporary church in her book, Worship Evangelism:

“I write this book well aware of the risks. Yet I also write with the deep conviction that it is time for the . . . evangelical church to face the truth: We are not producing worshipers . . . . Rather, we are producing a generation of spectators, religious onlookers lacking, in many cases, any memory of a true encounter with God, deprived of both the tangible sense of God’s presence and the supernatural relationship their inmost spirits crave. A sickening emptiness pervades much of the born-again experience . . , and the hollow rituals played out week after week in so many of our worship centres attest to it.”

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