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The Mysterious Spirit (Poem)

Les Henson

We inhabit a disenchanted world

all faded and colourless.

The magic dissolved amid

cries of cynical rationalism.

The hope of a utopian paradise

has long since bitten the dust.

Life’s mystery has collapsed under

the weight of social media.

The potential of technological advance

reduced to mere gimmicks and gadgetry.

The quest for existential meaning

exchanged for fifteen minutes of fame.

Humanities longings and destiny

appears to be sadly in the hands of the clowns.

The world is in desperate need of re-enchantment

and the fulness of the magical kingdom.

May the mysterious Spirit come upon the breeze

re-enchanting and weaving a magical spell

upon those with hearts open to receive

the Spirits enduring presence.

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1 commento

Richard Hibbert
Richard Hibbert
19 lug 2020

Hi Les. I have loved reading your posts. They are real encouragement to keep living for our Lord with all we've got.

Mi piace
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