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The Lifestyle Bandwagon

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

People today no longer live their lives they have lifestyles instead. It is as if there is a self in the supermarket where you can pick up a lifestyle, and after a while, once you’ve become tired of it, you can go back into the supermarket and select another. While the Christian life can be described as a lifestyle, I think it is better to think of it as a way of life centre on Jesus Christ. The Christian life is indeed not optional for those who take their allegiance to Jesus and his Lordship seriously. We can’t go back to the supermarket and choose another version of Jesus that might suit us better. The question we must keep on asking is: Is my way of life comparable with Jesus and his Lordship, or do I need to make changes to bring my life into conformity with the image and likeness of Jesus Christ we discover in the scriptures? Indeed, a mature Christian life seeks after growing conformity to his likeness, rather than jumping on the next lifestyle bandwagon that comes along.

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