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The Knowable, Unknowable God

Les Henson

As followers of Jesus, we can know and experience God the Father intimately and meaningfully. Yet, we must always recognise that God is both knowable and unknowable at one and the same time. The closer our walk with God, the more we understand that our knowledge and experience of God is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, God reveals himself to us in his word, in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit, but if God fully and personally discloses himself to us, we would be undone. We would be overwhelmed by his holiness and glory. God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, and we are but weak, fragile and fallible human beings. Thus, our understanding is limited by many human factors. At the same time, our knowledge and experience of God are real and adequate. Yet, we are limited by our capacity to comprehend God's mystery in all his fullness. We can know and experience God. But our understanding of God is never complete, which should result in greater humility on our part and the awareness that God can never be confined to our conceptions of him.

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