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The Isolation Cell Called Loneliness

Les Henson

We live together in a world that is buzzing with all kinds of personal communication. More than any previous generation has ever experienced. Yet, we must ask, is more communication better communication? Sometimes it may be better while in other instances, it may not signify any significant improvement at all. Indeed, with the break-down of family structures and community involvement over the past fifty years, there are more lonely people in society today. One can live in a city of millions without ever engaging in a meaningful conversation during the previous week. One may have thousands of friends on Facebook and not have a single meaningful relationship. Undoubtedly, loneliness is a disease rife in our society and something we fail to address at our peril. As a community, we must seek to be creative in finding a way of handling this scourge of loneliness. We must actively involve ourselves in breaking down the barriers that keep people in the isolation cell called loneliness. It is not easy because loneliness can become self-isolating. It can breed distrust and discourage its inmates from breaking out of their incarceration cells. So creatively let us as a community work to close down the prison cells of loneliness within our community.

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