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The Hindrance of Traditional Religious Language

Sometimes when we are sharing with someone who is seeking to comprehend the nature of human belief, we fail to understand what he or she is trying to say. Because we think and speak in the religious language of the tradition to which we belong. Now that language is valuable and meaningful to those of us in the know, but it can be daunting to those to whom we speak. It can also be a severe hindrance when we are engaging those outside that tradition and not yet part of a Christian community. So we need to learn to listen, not only to what they are saying but also to the meaning behind their words. We also need to find new ways of communicating using words that make sense to them rather than the religious language with which we are so familiar. In doing so, we may prevent those who are seeking after honest belief from being blocked off from genuine enquiry into the mystery of human belief and authentic faith. Indeed, it is essential that we continually reassess both the language we use and the meaning behind that language as we walk with and care for the hearts of others.

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