The Danger of Monologue

One of the dangers of those who are commissioned to communicate the Gospel of the kingdom is not merely that we talk too much. But that we engage in a monologue. We do so not only in the pulpit but also in those conversations that could be deeply meaningful. If only we relaxed and engaged in normal conversation, instead of a religious or theological monologue. Some of the best and most meaningful conversations I have had occurred almost accidentally: Over a meal or a lazy unhurried time over coffee. Or just hanging out with someone telling stories and having a laugh together, or even shedding the odd tear. It is usually those times that people open up, particularly when I spend my time listening. It’s as if by listening and them being heard that something is triggered and they start opening up or asking deep and meaningful questions. So let us avoid monologues and open ourselves up to the kind of dialogue and the listening that shows that we care for people more than we do for religious or theological discussion. Maybe then we will find people more open to the thing of the kingdom than we ever imagine they would be.

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