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Submitting to Jesus Lordship of Our Lives

Les Henson

As followers of Jesus, the most significant thing we can do is to surrender our lives to Jesus and submit to His Lordship. This is the most transformative decision we can make. When we submit to Jesus' Lordship, we surrender ourselves to His authority and seek to align every aspect of our lives with His teachings and example. By doing so, we acknowledge His sovereignty over our lives and trust His wisdom and goodness.

As followers of Jesus, we aim to obey His will and honour Him in all we do. This means that we strive to love others as He loved us, forgive as He forgave us, and serve as He served us. We seek to let go of our selfish desires and ambitions and seek His will above all else. It is not always easy, but as we trust in Him and seek His guidance, we experience the peace, purpose, and fulfilment that come from living according to His will.

Living under the Lordship of Jesus transforms us from the inside out and enables us to live according to God's perfect plan. It gives us hope for the future and the assurance of salvation. If you still need to surrender your life to Jesus' Lordship, I encourage you to do so today and experience the transformative impact of His Lordship. By making Him our Lord and Saviour, we can live a life of significance and fulfilment, one that is rooted in His love and guided by His wisdom.

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