Shaped by Alternative Stories

Updated: May 9

The crucial question that we must grapple with concerning the church, in this generation, is what is shaping our identity as the people of God? Or to put it another way, who are we, and whom do we serve? If the biblical story does not shape our identity, then it will be formed by an alternative story. In other words, if the biblical story is not the story we live by then by default, its place will be taken by another story, our cultural story. We cannot serve two masters, either our lives, as the people of God, are forged by the biblical story, or they are shaped by the cultural story, which controls and informs our culture. Thus, it is vital that we return again and again to the scriptures asking: Who are we? What is our role in the biblical story? What is our vocation as the people of God? And what does it mean to live and serve faithfully in a hostile world?


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