Seeking the Welfare of the Community

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

When the people of God live in their own little ghetto, closed off from the world, holding on to their own set of behaviours and beliefs, they communicate their rejection of the world and the community that they inhabit. Thus, the church is viewed as ‘bad news’ as far as the local community is concerned, and they will remain ‘bad news’ unless they radically reconstruct their relationship to the world around them. If this is to happen, the people of God in the local community need to understand anew who they are meant to be in relation to the world. In the Scriptures, the term ‘church’ or ‘ecclesia’ referred to a group of citizens who were set a sided from their work and life in the community to worship God. They then return to the community in which they lived and worked with a new vision and a greater degree of responsibility for the wellbeing and welfare of the community as a whole. Unless we take our responsibility to seek the wellbeing and welfare of our community and our neighbourhood, seriously we will fail to be what we are called to be the people of God in the world, but not of it.


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