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Seeing God in Our Messes and Screw-ups

Les Henson

It is easy to make a mess of things because we find it all too easy to screw things up and create confusion in our lives. We do it without even trying. We jump into it like a child jumping into mud puddles and are surprised when we get covered in mud. While life is messy, and it is often in the mess that we discover that it's where God hangs out. It is where we find grace, love and mercy. The cross was where everything seemingly went tragically wrong. The disciples saw it as a tragedy--the biggest screw-up ever. Yet three days later, Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, and the world was never the same again. It was out of the mess of the cross that salvation came to the world. So instead of getting over-concerned by the messes we get into, we need to see our messes and screw-ups as places of potential growth and where God can do new things in our lives.

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