Revealing the Dark Side

Updated: May 28, 2020

We each possess a dark side, which we hide not only from ourselves. But also from those around us and those close to us. The dark side is that shadowy aspect of our life that is deep within us, which we strive to keep hidden, because of the shame we attach to it. The dark side is that part of our life, which holds us back from becoming and being the person God desires us to be. Unless we reveal the dark side of who we are and confess the hidden sins lodge deep within the recesses of our hearts we will never be free, nor will we experience all the blessings God has in store for us. I would suggest that the dark-side can only be dealt with by open and honest confession. Before God and another believer, whom we trust to treat it with the deep respect, and us with love, compassion, grace and forgiveness. Most sins can be dealt with by confession and repentance before God. But the sins related to the dark side also need to confess to another believer whom we trust to hold us accountable and enable us to overcome them.

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