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Raging at God

Les Henson

Often, in the Psalms we find the psalmist raging at God, shouting and shaking his fist at God. I can so readily sympathise and identify with the psalmist because life sometimes sucks, and it’s not always of our making, and there is no easy solution. In such a situation, we often get to the point when all we can do is to vent. We need to let it all out and blast God with both barrels for letting us get into the situation in which we are ensconced. It feels good, and it is necessary. And the reality is that God understands. God is not worried, by our rage and our venting. In fact, God is happy that we are doing it before him and not leaving him out of the picture. There is, however, one thing we can rely on in such a situation. It is that God is with us even if we don’t recognise his presence. God may seem a million miles away, but he is not. He is right there with us, and he walks beside us in the midst of all our mess, confusion, and turmoil. The reality is that there is no place we can escape from his presence. There is no situation we can find ourselves in that God is not with us. So let us trust him for somehow he will work it all out in the end.

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