Openness to Change

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

When it comes to an understanding of the nature of the church and what it is instead of what it should be in its ideal form, none of us can start from scratch in these matters. For we each come with our own preunderstandings of what the church is or should be. For example, we may kneel rather than stand when we pray. We might raise our hands in worship rather than stand respectfully. We may follow or decide not to follow some penitential exercises during Lent. We may approve or disapprove of last Sunday’s sermon or ignore it as uninteresting or irrelevant. Or we may decide to go to church or choose not to go to church at all. Each of our Christian preunderstandings and practices is somewhat different from that of many other Christian people. Nobody’s preunderstanding should be ignored or merely be dismissed each of our preunderstandings should be considered and reflected on in a desire to be and become a healthier, more practical, and down-to-earth faith community than we have been in the past. While recognising the tension that exists between our ideal version of the church and the down-to-earth reality of who and what we are as God’s people in all our messiness and dysfunctionality. Our conception and practice of Christianity and the church should never be regarded as unrevisable. Instead, there must always be room for growth and change. We must be open to new understandings and practices not because of a constant need for change but because we desire to be faithful agents of God and his kingdom.


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