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No Ground Under Our Feet (Poem)

No Ground Under Our Feet

The world is changing

so rapidly that we find

no place to stand

for there is no ground

beneath our feet.

Truth is in short supply

in this crazy world

which left to its own devices

results in endless lies

and fake news ever prevailing.

Yet reality can be sought

and found upon the long

and winding road

rather than bought like

cheap candy-floss at the fairground.

Justice is in short supply

in this screwed up world

where everyone does

what is right

in their own eyes.

The weak are downtrodden

and continually oppressed

with no place to rest

their weary heads

and no bed to sleep upon.

Mercy is mocked and subjugated

in whitewashed citadels

where power and might prevail

and the lowly are despised

finding no place of refuge.

Love is distorted and profaned

in a world devoid of compassion

where sexual abuse reigns

without restraint

and perpetrators go unpunished.

Compassion and care

are a vestige of the past

and harshness rules

in this world

of government by tweets.

Now is the time to resist

the craziness of the hour

when power seekers

with fake hair

appear to triumph.

We must stand against such

corruption and deceit

trusting the One

who will make all things new

at the time of his coming.

For the world shall be turned

the right-way-up

and all wrongs righted

when he sits upon the throne

and puts all things to right.

Justice and mercy will prevail

in a recreated world

where truth shall be seen

and love displayed

for all to see.

Where at last there is a place

to stand and ground beneath our feet.

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