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Meaningfully Communicating the Gospel

In seeking to communicate the gospel in today’s world, we need to have both a clear understanding of the gospel we are charged with communicating and the cultural context into which we are called to communicate it. However, the task is in some ways a little more complicated than it appears at first sight. In striving to understand the gospel we have to recognise that this is itself a cultural enterprise because it presupposes an understanding of the cultural contexts into which God’s word was initially communicated in the Bible. It also involves an ability to discriminate between cultural features, which are incidental to the gospel and those that essentially constitute the unique gospel itself. Besides, our responsibility to understand the gospel requires that we learn how to discriminate between the biblical presentation and our own cultural understanding of the gospel. To add to this, we need to communicate the gospel within the cultural and worldview framework of those to whom we seek to communicate the gospel message if we don’t it will not make sense to them. Now, this may seem quite daunting but in reality, it is basically common sense, and it is achievable if we seriously work at the process of meaningful communication.

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