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Loss of Potential for Engagement

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

It is tough to get ‘church people’ to interact and engage with the community in the neighbourhood that they live. I have concluded that one of the main reasons for their lack of involvement is that they have a false understanding of what it is to be the people of God in the world. They somehow feel that to faithfully be the church they must separate themselves from the world, rather than worldliness. They see themselves as those called out from the community in the neighbourhood in which they live. Thus, the church operates as a closed group, no longer open to interaction or dialogue with the surrounding community. When the people of God act in this fashion, they are no longer open to having their faith challenged, or expanded by meaningful interaction with their neighbours. They may feel safe, but they lose their evangelistic potential, and they are no longer able to extract themselves from the box into which they have boxed themselves. So, they lose any potential for positive engagement with their neighbours and the community that they inhabit.

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