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Our Knowledge of God

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Les Henson

The Christian faith begins with God and ends with God. Our understanding of God's character and nature is always incomplete for God is an infinite and inexhaustible mystery. Even in a partial sense, we can only know God because he chooses to reveal himself to us in the Scriptures and ultimately in the person of his Son and our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We can know God because he is there, and he is not silent. He reveals his love for us in his action as recorded in the Scriptures and in the incarnation, life, death, resurrection and ascension, and finally the return of his beloved Son to consummate his kingdom. Or to phrase it in another way, God responds to us by revealing Himself to us through the light of the scriptural witness to His own history with the people of Israel and His new covenant with His people in Jesus Christ. Thus, our knowledge of God and ourselves are forever bound together.

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