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Journeying with God

Les Henson

If we live out the Christian life faithfully, we have to make the connection between faith and lifestyle. It is far too simplistic to assume that all we need is a basic understanding of Christian doctrine, for no matter how neatly we may wrap it up, it will never be enough to take us on the journey of life. Life has the habit of unravelling, coming unglued. Situations inevitably arise that leave us with more questions than we have answers. The neat pre-packaged understanding of Christian truth and the life of faith that we have at the beginning of the journey is never sufficient for more than the initial steps of the journey that we are on. Thus, it is crucial that we continually seek to integrate our developing understanding of God and the Christian faith into our life and lifestyle.

Unless we allow God to enter and take root in every area of our lives and lifestyle, we will end up with an understanding of God that, in the end, squeezes him into our own little boxes. So we end up with a God made in our own image, a comfortable and domesticated God who may not cause us too much bother. Yet, this God is a God who is inadequate for the journey of life that we each must take. The God who is sufficient for the journey is much bigger than the boxed-in God of our own making. He is the God with fuzzy edges who cannot be encapsulated in our little boxes. He is the mysterious God who is beyond our understanding and the one who continually reveals himself along the way as we journey with him.

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