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Is Our God Too Small?

Les Henson

As a young Christian in the late 1960s, I still remember reading J. B. Phillips' book, 'Your God is too Small.' The reality is that as God's people in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we often have too small a view of God. Thus our understanding of God is often limited, and our comprehension of the gospel too restricted as a result. Perhaps we each need to go on a journey of rediscovery to redefine and rediscover God in new and fresh ways that moved beyond the labels we have attributed to God. We need to search for an understanding of God, which is much bigger than the worn-out labels we have habitually used for him. The world has changed dramatically, but too often, our concept of God has remained static. Let us go on a journey of rediscovery and dare to encounter God in new and fresh ways. So that our understanding of God may reinvigorate our faith and our knowledge of the gospel enlarged.

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