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Injustice Abounds

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Les Henson

We live in a world were injustice abounds. Here in Australia, we have observed both major political parties trying to outdo each other over the issue of what they term, illegal immigration and the stopping of the boats. Indeed, no one wants to see already traumatised people drowned at sea. Yet the solution of locking them up in Manus Island and Nauru is tantamount to gross criminality. To lock up already traumatised people and to subject them to a situation where there is little or no hope of resettlement is psychologically destructive to each one of them. The result is depression, mental instability, self-harm, suicide and hopelessness. The long-term damage to the lives of such people is insurmountable. Yet they have committed no crime, other than wanting to begin a new life free from persecution or war. Also, at this time, we have an immigration minister who prides himself on his harsh stand. He is continually trying to outdo himself with respect to acts of harshness and cruelty to make a name for himself. Maybe it is time for dissent. Ordinary people have to take action and hold our government accountable and demand a policy change. I realise that Australians are deeply divided on this issue. Still, unless millions upon millions of ordinary Aussies take a stand and demand change, then the status quo will prevail and so will injustice.

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