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Inequality in the World

Les Henson

If you have ever gone without food or water for any significant period, then you will understand how difficult it is to focus on anything else. Without the necessities of life it is extremely difficult to function and concentrate on anything but survival. If you don’t get enough calories each day, how is it possible to concentrate on learning or get an education? This as a flow-on effect in that poor nutrition results in inadequate education, which leads to low employment, which in turn leads to insufficient food, and so on. For the poor, life becomes disappointing. Deprivation becomes established as the norm. Inequality becomes part of the ‘natural order’. And the rich get richer, while the poor become poorer. Across the cities, regions and nations of the world, there is an enormous disparity of in the distribution of resources. Consequently, the super-rich controls the vast majority of the world’s wealth. A 2015 Oxfam International report, shows that the wealthiest one per cent of people in the world own half of all the worlds wealth. Our economic and banking systems are broken, and it is high time us to rethink, redevelop and reconstruct a more equitable and fairer system, otherwise overtime the world in which we dwell will no longer be viable.

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