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God's Love for Us

Les Henson

God is love, and God’s love is exorbitant. When we contemplate God’s love for us, it soon becomes clear that it is an outrageous love in that God gave his only son to bring about our salvation, redemption, reconciliation, and liberation from sin, and our propensity to live selfishly unto ourselves. The more we contemplate the price that God was willing to pay to set us free and bring us back into a restored a humanity. Place us on that journey of becoming fully human once again as we become conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. We can but be amazed. The fact that God is willing to accept us with all our sin, belligerence, and scumbaggery is, at times, beyond belief. Yet, it is not because it is not valid. Still, there is more in that God accepts us in our self-righteousness, indifference, and at times sheer pig-headedness and turns us around and welcomes us into the community of the people of God and causes us to be a people belonging to God. The more we dwell on such realities. The more humble and humane we should become, for once we were not the people of God, but now we are the people of God. So, we are called to live in and up to that new reality each day of our lives. As we recognise, we are not yet what we should, but neither are we what we once were.

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