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God’s Faithfulness

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

We all make mistakes and screw up in all kind of ways. Indeed, there are times when we disappoint God and those around us, and in such situation, we often question the reality of our faith. However, the truth is that we are all weak and inadequate human beings, yet our faith does not depend on our adequacy, but on God’s faithfulness. He is the one who called us, and he is the one who will keep us and sustain us. God is faithful, and we need to get it into our thick skulls that our failings will never cause him to be unfaithful. God’s faithfulness is a given, and when we fail, it may help us if we recalled his faithfulness towards us in the past. The way God has treated us in the past is the way he will treat us in the present and the future. No matter how much we have screwed up, God will forgive us if we humbly come before him and lay our failures and mistakes before him in repentance and faith.

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