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God’s Eviction

Les Henson

Christianity in the West is in severe decline. While it is not extinct, it has become a bit player on the stage of social consensus, and its values and meanings have become a sideshow on the location of life. It no longer plays a central role in the formation of Western culture, and without God, humanity has taken a radically different form than it did in the Christendom era. The passing of Christianity also means the loss much other religious belief and practice, resulting in a lack of purpose beyond ourselves. Consequently, differing philosophies and world views are filling the p and increasingly shaping the public square, and our social identity is now perceived differently. Although we as individuals know and experience God, God has increasingly become invisible within our society and evicted from public consciousness. Even though reported as dead, God sightings continue, and an aching nostalgia for him remains. In this world, our call, as the people of God, is to live and faithfully bear witness to Jesus Christ.

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