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Fulfilling the Demands of Life

Les Henson

In 1943 in the middle of the Second World War, Phyllis Bottome published a book entitled, Survival, in which she wrote, “We must not try to manipulate life; rather we must try to find out what life demands of us, and train ourselves to fulfil these demands. It is a long and humble business.” Her words seem foreign to us in the narcissistic, self-absorbed world we inhabit early in the Third Millennium. Instead of refraining from seeking to manipulate life, our generation sees itself as being at the very centre of life. We place our demands upon life rather than submitting to the demands that life places upon us. And we can observe the frustration and wreckage that has infiltrated every area of life. Instead of humility, we are faced with selfishness and pride. Rather than teachability, we encounter a ceaseless struggle for power and notoriety under the guise of fame. Instead of listening, we are bombarded with shouting and surrounded with excessive violence. It is high time that we started to listen to what life is saying to us. It is now time to seek after the God who created us with increased humility and care.

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