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From the Head to the Heart

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Les Henson

There is truth about God and his engagement with the world that matters, especially concerning the world he created and the incarnation in which he unites himself with his creation in the most vital of ways. It is through prayer and worship that our faith is defined and refined for most believers. Then we begin to understand more fully, not just with our heads but also with our hearts, that the God who created the world loves the world. And he expresses his love for the world by identifying himself with his creation—particularly humanity, made in the image and likeness of God.

In prayer and worship, we begin to recognise in a more profound, more intimate way that it is in and through the incarnation and the cross that love manifests its transforming power through the resurrection. Thus, prayer and worship play a key role in counteracting our tendency of holding on to a human construction of our faith in our head, no matter how glorious that construction may be. In prayer and worship, our faith deepens, and our understanding moves from our head to the heart penetrating our spirit and transforming our lives and the way we live our daily lives. I would suggest that unless we experience this movement from the head to the heart, we are in danger of holding on to a dead orthodoxy rather than a living faith.

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