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Les Henson

Friendship plays a significant role in each of our lives, and the interesting thing about friends is that even if we have not seen one another for many years because of life’s circumstances. When reunited, even for a short time, the friendship starts up again from where it left off. Friends make a significant contribution to our lives and help form who we are as a person. It is helpful to sit back occasionally and remember our friends and the way that each one of them has influenced our lives both positively and negatively, for, in all relationships, there always is an element of both.

However, the positive typically out weights the negatives in any lasting friendship. With friends, there are those lessons about life and God that we learn from one another and other lessons we learn together in the context of life. The reality is that most of the lessons in life that we learn result from meaningful relationships or friendships; perhaps, this is because we were created for a relationship by a relational God who always has our best interest at heart. Maybe we each need to find a quiet place every now and then and reflect on what our friends have meant to us, the contribution they have made to our lives and then thank God for them, and ask God to continue to be with them and bless their lives as they have been a blessing to us.

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