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Free to Dream

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

When we lose the ability to dream, we are in serious trouble for life becomes barren, and our spiritual life tends to be governed by techniques and methods. In such circumstances, life is devoid of hope, creativity and surprise. Thus, we desperately need a fresh in-breaking of the Spirit to renew us and to restore the openness and flexibility that is missing from our lives. Without the wind of change that the Spirit brings, there will be little joy, grace and inspiration in our lives. The danger is always that we dig our heels in and hold on to the dogma’s, liturgies and practices, which for that moment at least seem as dry as dust. If we are to rediscover hope and renewal, then we need the wind of the Spirit to blow a gale, so that the cobwebs of barrenness are swept away. Without the renewing Spirit, we are locked into a prison cell of our own making, but when the Spirit is flowing through our lives, we are free once again to dream.

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