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Forming Small Nurturing Communities

Les Henson

There is a serious need for small communities that cares for one’s spirit. Communities that are not constantly trying to change you, rather communities that listen and nurture one’s spirit and where one can find peace and rest for one’s spirit amid a turbulent world. Such communities are difficult, even impossible to find unless one forms such a community with a group of like-minded people who are willing to journey together. Such communities must establish ground rules that guard and protect one’s spirit and prevent individual members from going on their own ego trip. Even the church community largely fails in nurturing one’s spirit partly because it is too large for this kind of work to happen. Also, the church has too many agendas that conflict with and crush one’s spirit. Such communities must be based upon a commitment of trust if they are to participate with God and one another in renewing, caring for and nurturing one’s spirit.

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