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Faith Does Not Always Come Easily

Les Henson

For many people, faith doesn’t come easily; it is a constant struggle to believe, follow and trust. Yet, that doesn’t diminish the reality of such faith nor the quality of such faith. It merely means that faith doesn’t come easily. Very often, it is a question of temperament and personality. Some people find it easier than others to have and demonstrate faith in their lives while for others, it is a continual struggle. Yet, those who often struggle over time may develop a much deeper faith for faith grows and develops when it is tested and tried. Likewise, faith that comes easily does not always result in a faith that stands and holds in times of hardship and difficulty. Similarly, there are times when we each hold on to our faith and belief by the skin of our teeth while at other times faith seems easy and believing, following, and trusting is as natural as breathing. While faith may and does fluctuate for each one of us, it is essential to recognise that God’s response to us does not change for God is always for us and with us despite the vacillations of our faith.

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