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Each Day is a Day of Opportunity

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Les Henson

Each day we start a new day, and we never know what the new day will bring. It might be an ordinary day similar to many days that have gone before, or it might just be a day when opportunities come our way if only, we recognise them. Every day may bring opportunities, but the reality is that we only occasionally recognise them as opportunities and take advantage of them. Maybe, we need to be more sensitive to the possibility of opportunities and be open and ready to grasp them, particularly to those opportunities where we can help someone, befriend someone or share our faith in some small way with those we meet.

Here, I am talking about those God-given opportunities that we so often miss because we are so preoccupied either with our own interests or because we are busy living life. I am not suggesting we feel guilt (the church too often majors on guilt) because we miss such opportunities. Still, I am suggesting we make an effort to re-sensitise ourselves to what God is doing and wishes to do in the world through us, as God’s people. I know I have missed many opportunities of this kind because I was preoccupied and not paying attention. However, let us seek to be more sensitive and more open today and the next day and the day after that. Maybe we should ask God to re-sensitise us so that we are more ready to hear the quiet voice of the Spirit, prompting us to act or to speak when those opportunities come along. Perhaps then we might recognise that every day is a day of opportunity.

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