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Crazy World (Poem)

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The world is crazy and screwed up

Without any sense of direction.

Human beings long for freedom

Creating bondage instead.

Longing for happiness

They find only despair.

Seeking after love

They end up hating themselves.

The world promises everything

Only to finally disappoint.

Human beings are lost in a world

They have created for themselves.

Searching after certainty

They find only confusion.

Hoping for a better world

They have crafted a desert.

The world thirsts for vibrancy and meaning

Producing a hollow void instead.

Human beings long for answers

Discovering only endless questions.

Pursuing life in all its fullness

They become the walking dead.

Chasing after their dreams

They live in an eternal nightmare.

God is dead or so they say

But maybe it is humanity that really died.

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